How Color Psychology can Help Your Online Marketing

You need get your viewers to see what you want them to see and feel what you want them to feel with your ads.  Understanding color psychology is very important for the success of your Splash, Squeeze, Landing,  or Lead Capture Pages. Understanding the psychology of color in online marketing will help you learn how to engage your viewers into noticing your ads. We all want to stand out more, so we don’t want to use standard affiliate pages.   The reasons why are: no one will notice you; they will not get to know you, like you, and trust you; and they will not click on your pages or sign up to your autoresponder series. By using persuasiveRead More

Interview with Andrea who Designs Pages Using AdCreatorDesign

Designed with AdCreatorDesign I recently asked Andrea, one of my long time, upgraded customers of AdCreatorDesign, to tell me what she uses AdCreatorDesign for. Hi Andrea.  Can you please send me a description of what you use AdCreatorDesign for?  Andrea: “I use AdCreatorDesign for a couple of major reasons. First, I use it to Create seasonal and various holiday scenes for the festive seasonal emails I send out. I also use these designs as backgrounds on my computer or my Chrome browser, as well as in my emails.”

Marketing Success Means Putting Yourself Out There Consistently

 I have people that tell me that their advertising doesn’t work, but they haven’t been doing it long enough.  It takes time.  They also don’t brand themselves in a community of like-minded people that can get to know, like and trust them. Think of it this way.  Wouldn’t you rather go to a restaurant that your friends recommended because they know it’s good and they know the owners?  Online marketing works the same way. To do well in online marketing, you need to consistently brand yourself. This means that you need to put your picture on your pages and  advertising yourself in front of an audience persistently, consistently, and daily.  I can’t stress this enough.    You won’t makeRead More