Work On Adkreator Editor in Brave Browser Tutorial with Screen Shots

I found a wonderful browser that I recommend to work on Adkreator editor called Brave Browser.

I am going to show you a tutorial with screen shots on how to utilize Brave that will make working in the Adkreator Editor as smooth and easy as possible.

First you need to download Brave onto your computer and install Brave browser.

Once you have downloaded Brave and installed it, Log into Adkreator using your Username (not your email address) and your Password. Then click on the Blue OK, Log In Button.

Next, Click on the Browse Templates Button on the left-hand side green menu bar to get to the Advertising Template Catalog to pick out a template.

Then Scroll down to Squeeze Pages [146] and Click on it.

Squeeze Pages [146] Opens the Templates Catalog for Squeeze/Lead Capture Pages. I Chose the First Template By Clicking On It, to Load Into the Editor. I will get a message to Get Flash Player.

This Message will come up. “The Page Says Your Computer Does Not Have Flash Player. This Content Requires Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash.

Click On “Get Flash” to Unblock it. Click On “Allow.”

The Blue/White Template will load into the Editor. To permanently allow Flash to be used – Click On The Lion Head Icon To Change The Global Shield to Unlock Flash Player So You Can Load the Adkreator Editor at all times. Click on, “Change Global Shield Defaults.”

This window with the pink headings will come up. Click Button to Unblock Adkreator From Running Flash Player.

If You have any questions or get really stuck, please send in a support ticket to me through Adkreator Support System.


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