How Do I Create Layers in Adcreator.Design Tutorial with Screen Shots?

Before you start working in Adcreator.Design aka you need to open a New Private Window in Firefox, Clear the Cache and Cookies and make sure your passwords and login info are saved when you do clear your cache and cookies in Firefox.

If you are a Google Chrome user, I have a tutorial on how to unlock Google Chrome and clear the browsing data in Chrome before using Adkreator.

Once this is done you are ready to Login to Adkreator and pick out a template and that would be a Splash Page template or Squeeze Page template depending on what kind of page you are going to make.

Go to or Adcreator.Design and Click on Login.

Fill in your Username and Password and click OK, Log In.

Click on Browse Templates.

Scroll down to Splash Pages and Click on Splash Pages [217] for blank Splash Page Templates.

Or Scroll down to Squeeze Pages which is further down the page and Click on Squeeze Pages [146] for Blank Squeeze Page Templates.

I’m picking out a blank Snowflake Template on Page 11 of the Squeeze Pages[146]. Click on the template you wish to use and it will automatically load into your Adkreator editor.

*Note: You may need to allow Adobe Flash Player to run before your template will load. aka Adcreator.Design requires Adobe Flash Play for the editor to run. See blog posts for Firefox and Google Chrome.

*Note 2: Squeeze Pages have an Autoresponder Code box and Video Code box in the menu that Splash Pages DO NOT HAVE.

Now I will pick out a few clip art items that we can layer. You can see the Clip Art Button and Upload Images Button that are used most and the Shapes Button.

Click on the Clip Art Button and the Clip Art Library will open. You can Scroll down for more Items A – Z with the current seasons at the top marked with an asterik* Click on an Item in the Library to open it. The top Item is open by default with is *Christmas.

I Clicked on Halloween and will click on the spider web to load it into the editor.

Click on One clip art, One at a time to load into the editor.

I want to put the snowman behind the pumpkin. I can resize anything by highlighting it like the snowman is highlighted with the tiny orange squares at all 4 corners of the clip art. See Resizing clip art in the Squeeze page, or Banner tutorials.

Layer Spider Onto of Pumpkin. Highlight the spider by clicking on it and the orange box will show up around it with the 4 tiny boxes at each corner. Then click on the top layer button. Note: I dragged the spider down closer to the pumpkin.

Now I am going to put the bat under the spider web. I made the spiderweb bigger and moved the spider on top of the pumpkin. I do these each one at a time. I put the bat under the spiderweb by highlighting it and clicking on the down arrow. I had to click it more then once – not always but sometimes I need to click more then once.

Note: You can resize clip are by clicking and dragging on the corners by dragging in to make smaller or dragging out to make bigger. A circle is on the upper right hand corner to rotate the clip art with. Put your cursor on the circle and turn.

Save Your Work.

Put a title for your squeeze page and then click the Save Banner button.


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