How Do I Add a Video to a Lead Capture Page – Squeeze Page in AdCreator.Design Tutorial with Screen Shots?

Before you can add a video to an Adcreator.Design squeeze page, you need to pick out a squeeze page template to put in on.  Do not attempt to do this with a splash page template.  The splash page template does not have the squeeze page features of adding a video and/or an autoresponder code/ lead capture code.


First save your passwords and login info by reading this blog post.


Open Firefox in a New Private window and clear the cache and cookies.  Learn how to do both of these on these 2 links:

Clear the cookies and cache in Firefox and open AdCreator.Design in a New Private Window in Firefox.

Once you have cleared the cache and cookies in Firefox in a New Private Window, log into AdCreator.Design.

Click on the Browse templates button, on the green menu to the left – second button down.


Then scroll down to “Squeeze Pages [146]” and click on that.


Pick out a Squeeze Page Template Design you want to use by clicking on it.  It will automatically load once you click on the template you want to use.

There are 15 pages of Squeeze Page templates to choose from.

I will choose the plain white squeeze page template on page 10.  Scroll down a bit to find it.  It doesn’t have any lines around it.

It will load into the editor automatically after you click on it.  Once loaded add your YouTube Video code to the Video Code box by clicking on it the Video Code Icon.  A small box will appear for you to paste your video code into.  Click the “Submit” button to save it.

The video code is in YouTube under your video.  Click on “Share”

Click on “Embedded” for the code and copy and paste it into your Adkreator Video Code Box.


Copy the code on the right and paste it into the Video Code box in Adkreator.


Paste your video code into the box below and click on submit to save it.   The box will appear white.  If you wish to view the code in the video code box, highlight it in orange lines and click on the Video Code icon to view the contents of your video code box.

To add “autoplay” to your video, add it at the end of your YouTube Video link. Add this – ?autoplay=1 – In between the quotation marks. “

To position your video, click and drag the blank white box. Use to upper left hand corner of it as a guide.

Save your work and view it in a new tab. Click on the refresh button to view your new settings. If your new settings do not appear you need to clear your cache and cookies.

See more instructions about positioning the autoresponder box on a squeeze page to help you position the video code box in the blog post.


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