How to Add Your AdCreator Design Squeeze Page to Your WordPress Blog or Website – Tutorial

I’m going to show you how easy it is to add your squeeze page to your WordPress site.
Log into AdCreator.Design alias and go to left hand side menu and click on “My Designs” 3rd green button down.

Then click “Once” on the squeeze page you want to put on your WordPress website.

Then click on your the link that says, “Your squeeze page link:” to view in a new tab.

View your squeeze page in a new tab and “Right Click” on your mouse to get the menu below.  Then “Left Click” on “View Page Source” for the HTML to copy and paste to your WordPress Site.

View Page Source will open in a New Tab.  Copy and Paste it onto your Blog Post by selecting the “Text” tab and paste it in there.  Click on “Save Draft” right away.

WordPress Blog Post Draft Page.  Click on the “Visual” tab to the left of the “Text” Tab to view your Squeeze Page.

Click on “Visual” Tab and make adjustments to your Squeeze Page.  “Save Draft” often and check progress with the “Preview” Button that will Open in a new Tab.

You will need to add the WordPress Plugin “WP Edit” to get the menu bar I have below. Please only get Plugins from the WordPress site.  I am using that I downloaded onto my site for free.  It is much more flexible than

Scroll down to see what other adjustments you may have to do to make your Squeeze page workable from your post.
By checking my “Preview” of my Squeeze Page I can see that my Autoresponder Form is Oversized.  I tested everything to make sure it’s working.  I have a Transparent code over my Adkreator logo to make it clickable and my Autoresponder form works.  Type in a name and an email address you have to check.  Mine works great.  Now we can adjust the form size with Google “Inspect”.  You will need to upload the images to the Social Icons below and resize them if you wish to have your Social Icons on your page.
Right Click to get menu with “Inspect” then “Left Click” on “Inspect”.    
Right Click on the form below that you need to adjust and the HTML will come up on “Inspect” highlighted in Grey.
Now I am going to edit the height of my form on the “Text” page
I found that using a more basic form without all of the borders inside  it is much easier to deal with.
A much easier way to do all of this is to have a link from your blog post to your squeeze page.
It will show the entire page plus your background if you choose to have other than a plain white background behind your template.
If you get really stuck, Skype me for help “barbdel” with no quotation marks, or message me on Facebook and say you are from AdCreatorDesign or Adkreator.


If you are thinking about making a squeeze page of your own, please click over to my site to make your own from one of our templates, then you can easily make your own and add to your website.


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