How Do I Get The Best Results When Working On AdCreator.Design?

To get the best results when working in AdCreator.Design, make sure you clear your cache and delete your cookies when using Firefox.  Also, make sure to open AdCreator.Design in a New Private Window in Firefox.  If you don’t do this, you are going to have freezing problems.  Follow the links in this paragraph for details and instructions. If you have never used AdCreator.Design, your web browser will ask you if you want to “allow” or “run” Adobe Flash Player.  Allow Adobe Flash Player to run on your browser to work on AdCreator.Design, because it won’t work without Flash Player. Sometimes AdCreator.Design works better in Google Chrome.   Knowing which browser to use is going to depend on the updatesRead More

6 Samples of AdCreatorDesign Squeeze Page Designs

In this blog post, I would like to present 6 samples of  my Adcreator.Design Squeeze pages, to give you a better idea of how your squeeze pages can look. These are only just a few of the many that can be created with AdCreator.Design. #1 Click here to view page. #2   Click on the link below to view the page itself.  The butterfly is a GIF.   Click To View Page #3 Click here to view page. #4   Click here to view page. #5 Click here to view page.   #6  Click here to view page   ~Barbara If you are thinking about making a splash page, squeeze page,landing page, lead capture page of your own, pleaseRead More