How Do I Clear the Browsing Data in Google Chrome with screen shots

Before we get started making a Splash page, Squeeze/Lead Capture page or Banner, I highly recommend using Google Chrome for your web browser.  Make sure the browsing data is cleared before you begin creating your design. If Adkreator aka AdCreator.Design freezes while you are working on it, this means you need to clear your browsing data. You can also use Firefox to work on Adcreator.Design and clear your browsing data if it freezes in Firefox. Use which ever browser is working better at the time. Always start with Google Chrome. Anytime that you are working for a long period of time on AdCreator.Design, it will freeze. This means you need to clear your browsing data. To Clear theRead More

How to Make a Banner in AdCreator.Design Tutorial with Screen Shots

Before you start to make your banner in AdCreator.Design, make sure you clear your cache and cookies in Firefox and open it in a New Private Window.  When using Google Chrome, make sure to clear your browsing data.  Repeat this process if you have a freezing problem to unfreeze the page. Log into Adkreator aka AdCreator.Design and click on the “Browse Templates” tab on the left-hand side green menu bar. Click on the size of the banner you want to create.  We will choose a 468 x 60 size banner.  Click on a “468 x 60 [40]” to open the catalog for this size. We will click on the blue banner template and it will open up into theRead More