Unlock Google Chrome To Use Adobe Flash Player for Adkreator Editor

I got extremely frustrated while clicking on Adobe Flash Player after clearing my browsing data to make my new squeeze page. Google Chrome had updated their browser. Of course, they don’t tell you exactly what their new locks for Adobe Flash Player will be.

To use the editor in Adkreator.com on the Google Chrome Web Browser, you need to click on a lock in the address bar.

There is a lock on the far left of the address bar that you need to click on to unlock for using Adobe Flash Player.

Before I show you how to unlock Adobe Flash Player, I want to show you how to clear your browsing data without clearing your passwords. This will only take a few short minutes and save you time in the long run.

Click on the 3 dots on the upper right of Google Chrome web browser, then click on More Tools.

Then click on Clear Browsing Data

Click on the Advanced Tab at the top and only check the first 4 boxes. Do Not Check on Passwords and other Sign-in data!

Then Clear Data.

Now let’s login to Adkreator. Click on Login.

Then click on OK, Login.

Then click on Browse Templates.

Then Scroll Down to Squeeze Pages [146].

Now lets Unlock Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome!

Click on the tiny lock icon at the far left of the address bar.

Click on the Drop Down Menu and Choose Allow to the right of Flash.

Click on the Squeeze Page Template of your Choice.

The Squeeze Page will Automatically load into the Adkreator Editor.

Click Here To Learn how to make a Squeeze Page in Adcreator.Design aka Adkreator.com


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