How to Make a Banner in AdCreator.Design Tutorial with Screen Shots

First:  Make sure you save your passwords and login info in Firefox before clearing the cache, cookies, and before clearing the browsing data in Google Chrome.   Before you start to make your banner in AdCreator.Design, make sure you clear your cache and cookies in Firefox and open it in a New Private Window. When using Google Chrome, make sure to clear your browsing data.  Repeat this process if you have a freezing problem to unfreeze the page.

I find the I need to clear the cache and cookies less using Firefox in a New Private Window which is simple to do.

Log into Adkreator aka AdCreator.Design and click on the “Browse Templates” tab on the left-hand side green menu bar.

Click on the size of the banner you want to create.  We will choose a 468 x 60 size banner.  Click on a “468 x 60 [40]” to open the catalog for this size.

We will click on the blue banner template and it will open up into the editor.

After the blank blue banner opens up into the editor, click on the “Text” or “Double T’s” icon to open the Text box, highlighted in orange in the blue banner template below.  The text does not show up because the default color is blue so we will choose white in the color guide on the left-hand side under the “Double T’s” or “Text” icon.  Click on the small blue square in the “Text Options” box to open the color guide.

After Clicking on the small blue square in the color guide, click on the upper left-hand side of the color guide where it is completely white, then click “OK” on the lower right-hand corner to turn the blue text on the blue banner template “white.”

Back space over the white text and type the text that you want to use on your banner template.  Choose what font, font size, and alignment you want to use in the Text Options Box on the left.  SAVE YOUR WORK!!

Click on the text in the blue template to highlight the text in orange so you can edit it or drag it to a different position on the template.  click on the the drop down menu for the Font you wish to choose.  Try different fonts to see what looks best.  You can always edit it later.  You can change the color and alignment, too.

Drag the Text Options box down so you can click on the Clip Art Button to choose some clip art.  I’m going to choose the Buttons folder and select the Easy Button.

Now we will resize the Easy button by clicking and dragging it, to make it fit on the blue banner.

Put your cursor over the left-hand orange square in the upper left-hand corner until it turns into a double arrow.  Drag it down by holding down your left mouse button, then release it and pull up with the cross arrow by holding down the left mouse button.

Click on the “Upload Images” button to upload an image from your computer and click on the “Open” button on the lower right-hand corner.

Don’t forget to save your work!

Your banner image link is half way into the edit section or in the address bar if you are viewing your banner in a new tab.

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