What is the Difference Between a Splash Page, Landing Page, Lead Capture Page, and Squeeze Page?

Many of you may be wondering what the difference is between a splash page, landing page, lead capture page, and squeeze page.

3 of these pages are basically the same type of page except for the different names that are used for the pages.    The names may vary because of different industries using their own “jargon” or  the language insiders use to communicate with each other.

All 3 of these names, landing page, lead capture page and squeeze page have a lead capture form on them.  The prospect will sign up with their name and email address for more information, and sometimes with a free gift added to reward the prospect for signing up to the lead capture form which is connected to a marketer’s list of prospects.

The lead capture form puts a prospect on the list of a marketers page. You will sign up or subscribe to the list so you can get a free gift and/or more information about their product and/or service.

A landing page is a stand alone page that will lead the prospect to your website. It is not the “Home” page of your website that is the landing page.  A lead capture form can also be placed on a landing page if the software allows it to do so.

A splash page, in essence, is a landing page.  But you cannot put a lead capture form on a splash page made in AdCreator.Design.   

A Squeeze page can also be a landing page. You can put a lead capture form on a Squeeze page in AdCreator.Design.   A Squeeze page “squeezes” information from a prospect such as their name and email address for a marketer’s list.  Squeeze pages usually offer a free report or free gift for subscribing to the lead capture form as well as free information about a product or service.


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