Why Do I Need a Splash Page for My Business?

A splash page is a great way to bring in visitors to your business with a visual “Call to Action”.

“Call to Action” (or in marketing terminology, is a way to provoke immediate response,) is very important when marketing your website.  Showing your website’s front page doesn’t always do the job of enticing a viewer into a conversion.   It’s best to use an attractive graphic with a convincing headline.

AdCreator Design is a DIY or Do-It-Yourself Advertising  Design platform which you can make
splash pages with.

With AdCreator Design you can inexpensively design your own splash pages yourself.  If you don’t have time, I can do it for you at a very reasonable cost.

Much easier than Photoshop, AdCreator Design takes most of the hassle out of designing.

A Splash pages is an ad to drive people to your website and  to increase conversions.

A splash page is an introduction of your main website that displays some of the content to the viewer.   It uses an eye-catching graphic with an important message to lure visitors into your site.

A splash page can help communicate valuable information to your readers and creates a beautiful introduction of your website.

To find out how to make a splash page, please visit this post:  How Do I Make A Squeeze Page?  Tutorial with Screen Shots.

If you are thinking about making a splash page of your own, please click over to my AdKreator.com site to make your own from one of our templates, then you can easily make your own and add to your website.


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