What is a Splash Page and What Does it Do?

A splash page is a page that Webmasters use as a gate between the initial loading of the site and the actual site content.  Splash pages often feature high-design visuals to attract Web users to proceed further into the website.  

In other words:  The splash page is used to get the attention of a prospect to click on a button or other icon that goes to the website.  A variety of graphics and images are used with color psychology to enhance the splash page to it’s greatest potential.  Branding yourself with your picture or logo is highly recommended to get people to know, like, and trust you.  It usually takes 7 times of viewing or more before a user will click on your page.  The more unique and attention-grabbing you make your page, the better chance you have of people going to your website.

If you are thinking about making a splash page of your own, please click over to my AdKreator.com site to make your own from one of our templates, then you can easily make your own and add to your website.





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