Interview with Andrea who Designs Pages Using AdCreatorDesign

Designed with AdCreatorDesign
I recently asked Andrea, one of my long time, upgraded customers of AdCreatorDesign, to tell me what she uses AdCreatorDesign for.

Hi Andrea.  Can you please send me a description of what you use AdCreatorDesign for?

 Andrea: “I use AdCreatorDesign for a couple of major reasons. First, I use it to Create seasonal and various holiday scenes for the festive seasonal emails I send out. I also use these designs as backgrounds on my computer or my Chrome browser, as well as in my emails.”

Andrea: “I also use AdCreatorDesign to make unique banners and splash pages for myself or friends to promote businesses or products. I am often asked by friends to make seasonal ad banners and splashes for them.”
Designed with AdCreatorDesign

How do you want to make money with AdCreatorDesign?

Andrea: “I would love to be able to sell my seasonal and holiday designs it would be a fantastic way to use my passion for Creating scenes to make money. I also would like to be able to make more money making banners and splash pages for advertising needs.”

Andrea: “Being an artist by genetics, there were many artists use all different mediums in my family, and heart, I always enjoy using AdCreatorDesign to express my art and also sometimes use it as a way to relax and forget my worries for a while.”

Designed with AdCreatorDesign

As described by Andrea here, one can use AdCreatorDesign for enjoyment and not just for business.  This gives AdCreatorDesign a whole new outlook on what it can be used for.

I do require that a person that wants to make money with AdCreatorDesign to pay for a  monthly Corporate Upgrade of $29.95.  This helps me pay for my expensive server fees. I love AdCreatorDesign very much and hope to bring in more people that will love it just as much, too.

If you would like to contact Andrea about making you a design, her email address is:

If you are thinking about making a splash page of your own, please click over to my site to make your own from one of our templates, then you can easily make your own and add to your website.



Designed with AdCreatorDesign


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